Five Benefits of a Tutoring Business

There are many benefits of a home tutoring business. A survey of different tutors on their favourite reasons for tutoring will result in many different answers.

Here is a list of some of the top benefits of running your own home tutoring business.

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High Demand Industry

Tutoring is an in demand service, which drastically reduces the amount of selling you need to do to get clients. You will not need to spend lots of advertising dollars in order to get clients and begin making a decent income.

Once you get a few initial clients, the cycle of referrals you get from high-quality tutoring sessions and excellent communication and retention strategies drastically reduce the amount of advertising you need.

A Tutoring Business Can Be a Seasonal Venture

There are actually two tutoring “seasons”; you can tutor during the school year or during the summer. During the school year if obvious. However you may be surprised how many parents seek tutoring for their children in the summer. They often want to make sure their child does not fall behind. Summer is an excellent time for tutoring critical subjects like reading and math.

Many tutors prefer the option of being able to run their home tutoring business in only one tutoring “season” and take a break or pursue other priorities the remainder of the year.

A Home Tutoring Business Has Tax Advantages

While this is not legal tax advice, of course, you must be aware that there are many tax breaks you can enjoy as a home business owner. You can deduct business mileage on your vehicle, receive a deduction for business use of your home, as well as for office equipment, supplies, training materials, and even a computer. As always, check with your attorney on the proper use of these deductions. Each one has special rules on what can and what cannot be deducted.

Good Pay Without Costs of Commuting

There are a lot of costs associated with commuting to work. Clothing, meals, parking, and gas costs all take away money from your paycheck that would otherwise be your profits.

Many tutors who have made the jump to work from home work far less hours during the week in their home tutoring business than they would have at a regular job. However, they report they are much less stressed and make just as much money, if not more, than in their previous jobs. Tutoring really can be a great income earning opportunity!

Spend More Time with Family

Many tutors, especially stay-at-home mums, love the benefit of being able to stay home with their children and still be able to use a home tutoring business as a way to contribute to the family income.

I know of one tutor who would take care of her children during the day and then would tutor for two or three hours in the evening. Her husband helped the children with their homework after dinner and got them ready for bed. She loved being able to make an excellent income in a few short hours.

(She also enjoyed a chance to feel she was “away at work” for a time as well — as a former teacher she needed to feel a connection to her teaching career which was put on hold for the chance to be at home with her children)

Low Startup and Overhead Costs

You can start a home tutoring business with very little start-up costs. At the simplest level tutoring can be working with a student in their textbook. The only investment is your time.

Even as you begin advertising your new home tutoring business, you can start very simply. By using word-of-mouth advertising, flyers, and business cards you can begin to obtain more clients with very little cost.

Chances are you already have a computer at home that can be used to keep track of records, and design your advertising materials. By using the tools and resources you have you can quickly begin earning an income and build your business resources over time.

In addition, a tutoring business does not require a true home office, workshop, or related location. You can tutor at the library, your kitchen counter, or at a local community centre. This further reduces the cost of overhead as opposed to other types of home business opportunities.

I am sure there are a lot more benefits to running your own home tutoring business. If you have ever thought about getting started, what’s stopping you from starting your home tutoring business plan today?