Determining a Pay Structure for Tutors

As the owner of your own tutoring business, you must know how to determine the pay structure for your tutors. The salary of the tutor determines their worth as professionals thus it is important that you do not pay them too much or too little. The salary of the tutor is important in determining a good relationship between your company and your tutor.

There are many ways to determine the pay structure of the tutor but the reality is that there are three factors that you need to consider to determine how much you should pay your tutor. To determine the pay structure of tutors, it is important to consider the lesson duration, nature of the subjects taught as well as the background of the tutor. To understand further, below is a discussion on why these three factors matter.

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Time Duration

The tutoring industry is very versatile. This means that the schedules of tutors are not fixed because they have to attend to other important things.

For instance, some tutors open their lesson slots today but will not be able to teach for the next few days. Some tutors work full-time so they are available to teach students each day. Tutors who have erratic schedules should have an hourly pay structure which means that the tutoring company should pay for their services after every hour. On the other hand, tutors who have fixed schedules can be paid after each program session ends.

Nature Of The Subject

It is important to take note that tutoring services can teach students a wide variety of subjects. Tutors who teach technical subjects like Math and Science should be paid more because teaching such subjects require immense mental energy and focus. Moreover, preparing the materials for such subjects is also not a laughing matter.

Tutor’s Background

Another important thing to consider when determining the pay structure of tutors is their background or credentials. Generally, tutors with more credentials should have higher salaries because they are qualified to teach difficult subjects compared with tutors with lesser credentials.

Determining the pay structure of tutors is very important because it allows you to find out whether you are giving your tutors the right compensation or not. By doing so, you will also be able to have a better relationship with your tutors and they will be able to deliver great service to your students.